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Kim Murray

About Murray's Martial Arts Centers in Greece, NY

Meet Kim Murray

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Murray's Martial Arts Centers in Greece
8th Degree Black Belt

Master Kim Murray

Master Murray has been training students in the martial arts since 1981. He has taught literally tens of thousands of students in the Art of Isshin Ryu Karate and Kobu-Do. He has competed both nationally and internationally and has won numerous grand championships. In 2001 he formed the United Isshin Ryu Karate and Kobu-Do Association. This organization is dedicated to maintaining the tradition of excellence set forth by Soke Tatsuo Shimabuku and Grand Master Angi Uezu.

In January of 2004, Grand Master Angi Uezu promoted Master Kim Murray to his 8th Degree Black Belt. This was not only an extraordinary accomplishment, but the honor of a lifetime for any martial artist.

Master Kim Murray stated:

“I would like to express my appreciation, love and thanks for the most important people in my life. Without them none of my success and many accomplishments would have been possible!”

“My wife, Susan. My parents, William and JoAnn. My children, Kim Jr., Kelly, and Kasey. Master Joseph Jennings. Grand Master Angi Uezu”

Master Murray's immediate family all practice martial arts. His wife and children all hold blackbelts, and live the principles of Isshin Ryu Karate. Master Murray believes that martial arts help families come together, and become better as individuals.

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